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Our Story

Our life is your outdoors.

Our team tools over 50 years of combined experience in the construction industry. Our founder started in luxury outdoor living almost 20 years ago and continues to drive innovation in outdoor comfort. Our team of trained professionals include outdoor designers, civil engineers, graphic designers and construction specialist. Our team is supported by industry leading manufacturers and distributors.

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Unique system

Our designs are custom crafted works of art that do not fit the run-of-the-mill specs and NOAs. We specialize in site specific engineered solutions for our outdoor spaces.

We have redefined how the world feels about the pergola. We can help you redefine your outdoor space with the STATTUS roof and other technologically advanced outdoor comfort solutions.

Innovation is our saving grace and this requires a high level of attention to detail and the ability to find solutions when others will not. Engineering art is what we do. Our design focus follows three principles when crafting our individual home and business design drafts. they are function, aesthetics and value.

We are compliant with Florida Building Code Wind Load requirements. Miami Dade County Wind Loading: ASCE 180 mph.

We provide support throughout 15/5 year warranty on materials and electronics. Some materials may be only subject to the manufacturer’s warranty.

Our installation process is heavily predicated on quality control. We provide accurate lead times on material arrivals and ensure that your structure is installed as quickly as possible.


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